Back To Good Old Days……

For the past decades, globalization changed the way we view society. New century’s challenges and issues are often strongly related to the usage of non-renewable resources and production procedures putting at risk the environment and people’s health.

When it comes to textiles, the growing concern over environmental quality and users health has led to gradually increase the interest in reintroduction of natural dyes into the fashion and textile design industries as opposed to the current production processes.

Natural dyes have been used throughout history and the first written record of natural dyeing is thought to date back to around 4,500 years ago in ancient china. In India, the cave painting of Ajanta bears testimony to the use of printed and dyed costumes nearly 1400 years ago. The discovery of Chemical dyes in the west in 19th century led to gradual decline in the use of natural dyes which were more expensive and more difficult to use as compared to chemical dyes.

The natural dyes represent a sustainable source as they are renewable with respect to their synthetic counterparts. Natural dyes and vegetable dyes are Eco- friendly, biodegradable, non-carcinogenic  and  are generally non allergic. Not all fabric can be easily dyed with natural materials which is one of it’s disadvantages. The best ones to use are those made from natural material themselves. Cotton, silk, wool and linen will take the dye the best.

Zavaer, a fashion studio in Porvorim, Goa has unique authentic designs and clothing style which uses vegetable dyed clothes. This perfect summer wrap on dress made of cotton to beat heat is one such pick from the collections, which i paired it with jeggings, to give me a perfect girly look.

The side tie and deep neck pattern gives the dress sexy casual attire if worn as a single piece. The unique hand made block prints all over, gives a very defined and luxurious feel to the dress and cat face print with different expressions at the edges and the sides adds cuteness and some fun element to it.

The subtle color did suit my skin tone very well adding more freshness and liveliness overall along with the bright orange lip color .

I completed my look, wearing oxidized earrings which added more femininity and style along with my hair style and juthis, which also added a traditional vibe.

Hope you all liked my style. Let me know through your comments below.

Love Life & D&B!…


Outfit details:

Dress – Zavaer, Goa

Juthis and Earrings – Lokotsav, Panajim

PC: Dr. Chethankumar

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