# Capsule Fashion

I am very happy and excited to put up this post which is absolutely based on capsule fashion, that I created using Staple Wardrobe Pieces .

Experimenting with clothes by mixing and matching the pairs has always been a great fun activity for me. Oh yes, sometimes this process may take time but you finally end up feeling great about creating new pair using old set of clothes and reducing the number of things from your shopping list and hence, saving your money.

So, what do you think of my easy going day to night look that I curated using jeans,  tube top that I wore over a shirt, which are pretty basic and essential wardrobe pieces. Comment below.

Thanks for your valuable time.


Love life & D&B!

Outfit Details:

Jeans: Newport, Unlimited Fashion

Shirt: Leaf, Flipkart

Tube top: Flipkart

Belles: Panajim market

Neck piece: Ayeesha

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PC: Dr. Chethankumar

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