Spice Up Your Look With “Quills & Curls”

Creativity is the process of bringing fresh & imaginative ideas into reality. It is the ability to perceive the world in different interesting ways. It leads to invention & discovery of new interesting & amazingly unique products. One of which is Quilling.

Quiling/paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of rolled, shaped & glued paper strips to create decorative designs. The rolled, curled, looped, twisted & otherwise manipulated paper is used to makeup designs for decorating greeting cards, pictures, boxes etc.

This art yields absolutely amazing & beautiful results but it needs lot of patience, time & neatness.

Although, the exact origin of quilling is quite a mystery. Some sources say that quilling was seen first in ancient Egypt. Years later, more modern quilling types were influenced in here by certain types of filigree art.

Other sources say that its origin is in the Renaissance period. The nuns & monks used paper strips trimmed from the gilded edges of books for decorating religious objects. This was an affordable alternative to the use of gold filigree & the results were just stunning.

As the time passed by, quilling became a popular leisure activity among affluent women in 18th century Europe. The ordinary items like jewellery boxes, cases, storage cabinets & purses were completely transformed into exquisite bespoke furnishings & accessories with intricate designs.

Owing to it’s beauty & uniqueness, quilling became more and more popular thesedays. Also, it’s popularity spread to many parts of the world including India.

Although quilling, is most commonly used in paper crafts to make greeting cards, invites & scrapbooks most attractive as well as bespoke. One can even make stunning colorful earrings too.

These stunning and colorful ornaments are made by the super talented & creative Anoushka DeSouza residing in Nuvem, Goa. She started a creative venture called “Quills & Curls“since Jan 2019 & makes super pretty earrings, stunning greetings as well as invitation cards.

The plus point of quilled earrings are that these are comparatively cheaper than other jewelries & also ecofriendly.

I was very surprised to see that the paper could also be used to make such beautiful jewelries.

Also, the earrings made are customized to meet your needs. So that you can match it or add contrast to your outfit using these pretty ones. These earrings can be perfectly styled on indianwear as well as western outfit effortlessly.

So do try these lovelies to spice up your whole look. Also have a glance at the pics of her beautiful collections below. To buy these pretty earrings call or email her using below mentioned details.

Contact Anoushka on: +91 93703 95498

Email: quillsandcurlsco@gmail.com

To have a look at more pics, click on this link 👉 Quills-Curls

Invitation card

So, what are you all waiting for guys…Hurry up!

Buy or gift these pretties to make yours as well as your loved ones diwali festivelook super cool & trendy.

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