Calling A Weekend Vibe !

Coping up with summer is so hard sometimes, especially where humidity is high. It is then when you literally start to hate wearing clothes especially body sticking ones, which makes atleast my summers miserable. So I thought to solidly fall in love with something light, breathy and loose summer friendly clothes this time, whether at home, office or on trips.

To be frank I am not really a fan of loose clothing style as for me it’s not so very defined and old fashioned. But everything has its own uniqueness and style and we should  know how to bring the best of it. I will give 100 percent credit for the linen trousers here. It was really a game changer in this fashion game.

Trousers are a class and can be more fun and incredibly stylish when worn with right top and accessories that personifies your sense of style. Although trousers have a professional or mature vibe the prints on it can also call for a casual look as well. And ofcourse linen garments are valued for it’s coolness and plus i loved the detailing of this trouser at the ends and the waist line.

I love go to styles. So I wore this loose trouser over a boyfriend shirt tucked in and a pair of loafers for a perfect weekend ready look along with my spacious handbag which can be used for traveling as well as a fashion statement. A hair bun is what I preferred for comfort and class. A pair of hoops and aviator was an absolute piece for grace and attitude…..😜.

Hoping you all found my style inspiring and cool to go for, along with my subtle makeup.

Love Life & D&B!…

Outfit details:

Top – Vishal Mega Mart

Trousers – Zavaer, Goa

Handbag –  Stella Ricci, Flipkart online shoppe

Avaitor – Park Avenue

PC: Dr. ChethanKumar

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