27 Jaw-dropping Inspirational Hairstyles with Gajra/Veni Which Makes You Stand Out In Crowd

There is a famous saying that Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can beAnonymous

Par iss outfit ke chakar mein don’t forget to check on your hairstyle. Because a good hairstyle can make your look and a bad one can break your look as well.

So, are having you any plans to attend wedding or any other special event?

If yes, then make sure to try out few hairstyles to see what suits you the best along with the outfit & makeup.

Also, keep in mind to avoid tight hairstyles as this leads to unnecessary tension & constant pulling of hair strands. Also this results in discomfort due to strain on the scalp. One can even face constant headache owing to the same. Ultimately, this discomfort can be noticed on the face spoiling your overall look.

So, always go for comfort first.

Fashion conscious women have found several ways to adorn their hairstyle with changing trends. But, beautiful gajra/veni are and will always be women’s love of life.

From traditional to glam Indian women, from teens to adults, for wedding or for any auspicious occasions, gajra has always been the part of their ”Sola Shringaar“.

In fact, for this very reason it has never gone out of style & is highly trending even today. A pretty veni adds beauty to even simplest of hairstyle giving a feminine grace to your overall look, which is inexpressible.

If you all are looking to spice up your hairstyle gracefully & look stunning, then I bet gajra’s from “Creatif” is just meant for you. An extremely creative & talented Dr. Prachi Nadkarni, from Mapusa, Goa is the founder of “Creatif” since Feb 2020 and makes exquisite gajras customized to match or to add contrast to your outfit as per your needs.

Isn’t it great? I mean you can save so much time that simply goes for surfing online just to find one perfect gajra. And what do we finally get, the same boring gold & red colored one or else we are left out with very few choices. So, wait no more ladies. Contact “Creatif” mentioned below to find your perfect gajra & add spark to your hairstyle as well as your look with these beauties.

Dr. Prachi Nadkarni,

Contact no: 9834081107

Email: thecreativegirl.1990@gmail.com

Click here to know more.. https://www.facebook.com/thecreativegirl.1990

Please have a glance at some of her beautiful collections of venis below.

Google is loaded with n number of hairstyles to choose. But, I believe each one of us are unique & special. So, their hairstyle should also be unique, special & inspiring. For the same reason, I have picked some of the best trending hairstyles with gaijra/veni for long, medium & short hairs to spice up your avatar. So yeah, here are few ways of adding veni into your hairstyle for bridal as well as non-bridal look.

Hairstyles With Gajra For Medium & Long Hairs

Gajra/Veni with Bun

The first hairstyle that appears in mind when we think of donning a gajra on our hair is bun. Not only are buns easy to pull off, they also go with any attire you might possibly wear at a wedding or any other special occasions, be it saree, sharara, lehenga or a suit.  

Here are few ideas that you will love for sure.

Absolutely loved these unique bun with pretty gajra. This is definetely going to be a trend setter
Quirk it up ladies by incorporating 2 different types & colors of gajra. The blue gajra jells beautifully with white one & adds perfect contrast to the pink saree.
This one is perfect for those looking for a simple & classy way to dazzle.
Layers of gajra around the bun looks gorgeous too
A simple gajra tucked on one side of the bun also looks stunning
Half-moon gajra under the bun looks exremely classy
Cover your hair bun entirely with pretty gajra. This hairstyle is a great substitute for hair accessories.
This pastel light-colored gajra netted with a bun is trending highly. This gorgeous fancy hairstyle adds posh feel to the entire look.
Love braids as well as messy bun. Don’t worry I got u sorted. As this hairstyle with gajra would be perfect for you. What u need to do is, just part your hair in the middle. Take small portion of front hair on the both sides and braid them loosely on either side . Pin these braids at the back along with remaining portion of hair as such to form a messy bun. Then place gajra along the braids on either side from front to back. This hairstyle is my personal favorite, as it adds feminine as well as sophisticated look overall.

Venis/Gajras For Open Hairs

This stunning hairstyles is for those women who wants to keep it edgy as well as modern & prefers unconventional ways of styling.

If you are looking to ditch bun and go for open hairstyle. Tuck the gajra under the puffed messy hair crown for chic and stylish look.
Pin-up your hair at one side and decorate it with a small bunch of an enchanting gajra. This is another unique and graceful way of styling your hair.
This hairstyle has my all hearts on it. It’s classy, unique & absolutely stunning. In this hairstyle the right side hair parting is braided & tucked at the back left along with small pretty pink gajra bunch. The left one is loosely tucked at the back right along with smaller gajra bunch.
Place all flowers in the formation of your choice to get a deconstructed gajra look in the similar fashion. You can either reduce or add number of flowers as per your wish.
This hairstyle is for those looking to keep their look elegant & feminine. Make a half updo & then finally tuck the gajra in it using bobby pin. Keep rest of the hair open as usual or curl it up.
Love open hairs as well as bun? Then style just like Shraddha Kapoor. Perfectly chic & easy way to flaunt the gajra with style.
Do you have beautiful long or short hair & looking for minimalist way to flaunt using gajra? Then this hairstyle is just for you. Embrace your hair with soft curls and pin small portion of your left hair at the back . Decorate it with white or colorful flowers at intervals in the similar fashion. This simply looks stunning, isn’t it?

Braided Hairstyles with Gajra

Are you a braid person looking to style your hair with gajra? Don’t worry, there are numerous options for this too.

Check it out!

This hairstyle is for those looking for a contemporary touch. Go for the braid of your choice & twine the gajra around it. Especially, french or a rope braid can add an amazing look.
We have seen decontructed gajra on open hairs. But it also looks amazing on side braid.
This contemporary version of hairstyle with gajra is perfect way to flaunt vibrant as well as lux style statement for to be bride on her mehendi/haldi. This style also brings perfect bliss to those who are fond of flowery attire & looks. All you need is to tuck matching flowers all over messy fishtail braid and pin gajra as a head band to enhance the overall look.

Jazz your braid with something messy and bubbly like this messy bubble braid. Then decorate it by adding little gajra strings at intervals. Looks gorgeous. Isn’t it?
Another classy way to style gajra is to pin it under the messy braid in the similar fashion. Then highlight the braid by adding few flowers at intervals as shown.
This simple yet classic hairstyle with white gajra twined around long braid looks stunning and is not less than a fairy tale look. This style just makes me say wow!
Gone are the days when gajras were exclusively used as a hair accessory. In today’s fashion world it is all about experimenting and setting a new trend. I means just look at this gajra style. Who wouldn’t like to try something chic and unique like this one, where gajra is used as a maathapati as well as ear chain. This hairstyle with gajra is perfect for celebrating mehendi ceremony and even baby shower.

Hairstyles With Gajra For Short Hairs

Yes! you heard it right. One with short hairs can also create a fabulous hairstyle statement with gajra. Although the options available are few but still you can look Jhakhaas.

Hard to believe? Check it out.

This is an elegant way to don a gajra on short hairs. All u need is part your hair in middle. Leave some portion of the front hair on either sides. Make a half hair updo. Then rope braid the left out front portion of hair on either sides and pin them at the back . Finally pin a gajra as a hair clip. You can even curl your hairs to make it look more prettier.
. Women with short, medium or long hairs who loves gajra and prefers simpler way to style, then you can wear it as a crown just like Bipasha Basu.

Wear a gajra as maathapatti. This style is very much in trend these days. You can rock this classy look easily in haldi/mehendi ceremony along with a lehenga or a suit .
This is another edgy way to don a gajra. Don’t forget to add curls to your hair to spike your overall look.

I hope, you too are inspired & blown by these mesmerizing gajra hairstyles. No matter which hairstyle you choose, gajra has the power to add a magical touch to your entire look that makes you as well as everyone feel wow.

So, which gajra hairstyle was your absolute favorite? If you liked my post, do Like, Share & Comment below. Also, feel free to share your inspiring hairstyle ideas through your comments.

Thank you for your valuable time


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