Make A Splendid Impression with Veena’s Creation

Blogging for me is not just getting my fancy pictures clicked & publishing it in my blog site. But is a more responsible job. It is an selfless act to invest your time energy & view of the world into a piece of writing. Then sharing it with everyone who wants to read.

It is also about sharing meaningful thoughts, events & things that inspires me which I come across. Hoping that these might inspire you too. It is all about being honest towards my work, thoughts, & my reviews.

Blogging has introduced myself to the world & this led me to meet so many amazing people through different social media sites. One such amazing & inspiring lady is Mrs. Veena Suraj Naik Soni who is a Home maker, Entrepreneur, & Social activist.

Being born & brought up in Goa, she manages a venture called Veena’s creation in Kumta, Karnataka where she is been married & settled. Her keen passion towards artistry as well as zeal of helping others in her life has led to this venture. Apart from this, she is running a NGO called ‘’Namaskara Samaj Seva”.

Veena’s Creation is not only a collection house of exquisite, unique artistry, home decors, jewelries, hygienic beauty products but also a ray of hope for rural women.

Yes! Her biggest Motto is been “Women Empowerment”. Hence she support local women who wants to earn for their living by lending them a helping hand. She also provides a positive as well as joyful environment for women. As well as make them realize their worth & earn respect in the society by teaching them self- dependence.

Isn’t this awe-inspiring as well as great?

Moreover, another thing that highly amazes me is that Veenaji also has huge respect towards Mother Nature. So, she makes a point to use eco-friendly goods as well as recycles waste to something useful & worthy. Even for packing purposes, plastics are avoided as far as possible.

Which is a such a thoughtful step. Isn’t?

It adds great value for our money & gives us peace to know that someone will benefit from the money invested on something good & thoughtful. And if you are investing money than why not invest on local goods & help them grow.


To have a look & buy her amazing products click on the link below.👇

Contact No: 07760685599

Highly impressed by the unique & exquisite jewelries from Veena’s Collections, I couldn’t resist trying one.

Why I said unique is because the necklace pendant is made of waste teak wood pieces. Also the Buddha image is itself painted by Veenaji. I also loved the play of different colors that so very well complimented each other.

Moreover the buddha painting is my absolute favorite. As, I have always been a big follower of his principles. One of which is “Live & Let Others Live”.

Usually this beauty jells effortlessly with any Indian attire. But what highly impresses me is, it’s versatility.

Yes! It also effortlessly blends with western outfits too.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the pics below.

This edgy & sophisticated look can be perfect as one of your office as well as formal function look.

So guys, what do you think of this style? Do LIKE & COMMENT below. Also do SUBSCRIBE to my blog to keep in touch with my latest blog posts.

Thanks for your valuable time and do take care.


I am wearing :

Top: Tommy Hilfiger

Culottes- Gifted

Hand Bag: Flipkart

Neckpiece: Veena’s Creation

Pumps: Metro

Belt: Unlimited fashion

PC: Dr. Chethan Kumar

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