“Veena’s Creation” The Brand, That Will Never Disappoint You

Although, in the month of march we generally celebrate The Women’s Day. But, I am dedicating this month to all those women by writing down their acheivements in my blog to celebrate The Women’s Day. These are the women who made a difference in their life and inspired us like Mrs. Shambavi and those woman who made a difference in their life as well as a huge difference in other women’s life too, like Mrs. Veenaji.

If you are a regular follower of my blogs, then you would be familiar about this super women Mrs. Veena Suraj Naik Soni who is not only a Home maker, but also a Entrepreneur & Social activist.

She is known to run the brand “Veena’s Creation” through which she supports many local women who wants to earn for their living and make them realize their worth. Her venture has become the great source of income for several rural women.

Hence, buying products from this brand will be a great help to all those rural women, especially in tough situations like COVID era.

Most imortantly, she uses eco-friendly products as well as recycles waste to something worthy and attractive.

Thats why, “Veena’s Creation” is one of my favourite, as the products from this brand are organic, userfriendly, ecofriendly, pocketfriendly and has never disappointed me nor it will disappoint you.  

I personally feel that, it is not only the responsibility of the maker to contribute towards the well being of the Mother Earth as well as the Society, but ours too. Which we can contribute by simply encouraging and supporting her, by buying her products.

This way we know the money is spent on something good & thoughtful. So please buy local as well as ecofriendly goods & help them grow.

I have been following this brand from past one and half years from now. Since then, I have been always exceited to use and see varieties of products this brand delivers. These includes unique artistry, home decors, jewelries which are extremely unique as well as eyecatchy.

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They also make hygienic beauty products which are very gentle and effective.

I had a very good experience with the natural ingredient based Hand made soap that she initially made. It excluded harsh chemicals and was so gentle on my sensitive skin as well as smelled very pleasent.

Over the period of time, she pivoted the soap making technique with Cold Pressed Method which seem to work even more better. This handcrafted soaps is a traditional technique involving chemical reaction called saponification between “lye” & “fat” or oil. Here, no external heat is involved but only neutrilization of lye through process called “curing”.

However, it takes upto 4 to 6 weeks for the soap to complete as it allows for more gradual saponification, but the wait is well worth it. Since all the essential oils are kept intact and in pristine condition due to lack of heat, allowing them to bathe you in therapeutic bliss.

Also, there are several benefits of Cold Pressed Soaps ;

1. It produces a rich, creamy lather that moisturizes deeply by penetrating into the skin and minimizing dryness as well as itchyness.

2. The richness of natural ingredients are better preserved through this cold process approach.

3. It produces an excellent lather for a great luxurious bathing experience.

4. As cold process soap takes many weeks to cure completely, the aroma is preserved over time.

5. Cold processed soaps, created with high-quality natural ingredients, provides a sensory experience that commercially produced alternatives just cannot match.

These soaps are totally handmade using pure coconut oil as a base to which different natural ingredients are been added. The natural ingredients include turmeric, rose clay, kokum butter, neem, hibiscus, moringa and dead sea mud. Artificial additives and drying detergents that are harsh on skin are totally excluded.

They even take customised orders to make soaps, shampoos, hair butter, face masks, oils, gel etc. Hence one can pick what best suits their skin type. Especially, this can be more useful for those who have sensitive skin.

The best part is that the TFM (Total Fatty Matter) of these soaps is above 75% , which is used to measure soap’s quality. As per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), if toilet soaps contain minimum 76% TFM content then these are categorised as Grade 1 soaps. This is due to the fact that the deep-cleansing substance is higher whereas the fillers are fewer. Higher TFM guarantees that soaps are gentle on the skin and don’t dry it out. Resulting in hydrated, very clean, supple and smooth skin. Stripping excess oil from the skin can cause harm making it more sensitive and more prone to rashes, infections, and skin breakdown. So, it’s very important that the TFM be higher than 75%.

Also, I loved the way the product is packed with labels having ingredient list with all its benefits. This makes the consumer’s job more easy in picking the best suitable soap.

Below are few pics of different Cold Pressed Soaps manufactured at Veena’s Creation.

After having seen the ingredient list that the soaps are mainly made up of, these products are definetly worth giving a try.

Unlike the industrial soaps which contains harsh chemicals like petroleum-based ingredients & other chemicals like foaming agents as well as preservatives which gradually tends to make skin dry, aged, tired & reduces its elasticity.

Also, one may raise the question of safety, due to the presence of chemical Sodium hydroxide in the label. But, its clinically proven by the FDA that low doses of Sodium hydroxide used in skin care products are completely used up in the reaction process and recognized to be safe.

Moreover, Sodium hydroxide helps in balancing the pH of skin care products. As, balancing pH is one of the important factor in skin care products to avoid skin’s damage. Also, it’s a key ingredient which helps fats & oils become one in soaps & cleansers.

So guys, if you want your skin to look soft, healthy and young, do opt for natural skin products from “Veena’s Creation

Let the Skin-friendly Cold processed Natural Soaps with a blissfully creamy lather, wonderfully pamper your skin every day.

What are you waiting for? Do try out these natural goodies for the beautiful skin that we all crave to have. Hurry up😊


To have a look & buy her amazing products click on the link below

Her Facebook page Veena’s Creation by Mrs. Veena Suraj Naik Soni

Also, please click on link to go through her lnsta Handle veenas_creation by Veena Suraj

Contact No: 07760685599

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