Ideas For A Dreamy Maternity Photoshoot

Motherhood is most beautiful phase of the women’s life and so is the journey of pregnancy. It feels delighted to see the growing baby bump and the love as well as attention received from everyone, including your spouse.

Although, this whole pregnancy journey is a rollercoaster ride due to uncomfortable symptoms, but when you are made to listen to your baby’s heart beat & start to expercience your baby movements then you feel the whole pregnancy journey is worth going through.

Hence, it is be truely incredible & worth celebrating this priceless moments. The best way to celebrate the moments of your lovely baby bump is through a beautiful Maternity Shoot. So, you can capture this magnificent journey in order to remember & cherish the beautiful moments later.

If your are planning for a dreamiest maternity shoot, then I am here to share my Maternity shoot ideas with you. I hope that this would be helpful to some extent.

So let’s get started!

Firstly, schedule your maternity shoot between 28 to week 34 to show off your baby bump better, as planning it before might not give a proper baby bump look. My husband and I scheduled my maternity shoot on 33th week as he was free at that time and also I was also feeling far better then.

You need to be calm as well as patient and deal with the situation as pregnany journey can be full of uneasiness. Be it sleepless nights, skin issues like patchy or acne skin, lethargic face etc etc.

If you have sleepless nights, try to rest and sleep during the day. Lessen the intake of water during the night to reduce frequent urination. Do some breathing exercise and go for 20 min walk everyday after consulting your gynecologist to keep your mind fresh and happy. Drink ample amount of water and fresh fruit juices during the day for glowing hydrated skin. This practices will help you look and feel good for the shoot too.

Prep before the shoot. I looked out for some maternity pics in Google or Pinterest and saved those poses which I found very interesting and easy to flaunt. You can also ask your photographer to help you and your partner with the poses. But being self prepared, will make you feel bit confident in front of camera.

Make sure to choose an outfit which goes with your style and also that accentuates your baby bump. Surfing maternity pics from google and pinterest will also help you pick your perfect outfits for the shoot. So, one can choose their favourites, depending on their personal style as well as comfort level. I loved the pics with gown/ flowy dress as well as bodycon dress, so opted for the same.

Buying maternity gowns online was quite expensive. Also I wasn’t comfortable in renting them. So, I opted to buy Maxy Dress as well as Bodycon Dress under the women’s dress section through online shopee and it costed me much less. Remember to buy your outfits atleast 20 days before your shoot. As this will give you enough time to try it out and return, if it doesn’t suit you or fit your personality.

Opt for subtle makeup for a natural and godly look as the pregnancy is about natural glow inside out like a flower bloom. Going for heavy makeup can make you look dramatic.

Also, do consult your gynecologist before applying makeup . As some makeup brands may contain ingredients that are not safe for pregnant women.

Style your hair using hair accesories to amp your look. You can use floral head bands that matches with your outfit for the shoot. I prefered Gypsophila (baby’s breath) flowers to style my hair and loved the way it matched with my outfit as well as gave me greek goddess look. Totally loved it.

Outfit 1: Maxy Dress

For my first outfit, I wore this nice flowy maxi blue cold shoulder dress. I picked up this outfit as l loved the neck and sleeves details. Plus the color beautifully matched the location. Just to add a little bit of edge I paired my outfit with animal print bellies.

I paired this dress with pair of animal print bellies to amp my look.

Click Below To Shop My Look

Maxi Dress: Berrylush

Bellies: Alley Walk

Location: Miramar Beach

Outfit 2: Bodycon Dress

I picked up this beautiful Lavender Maxi Tulle Dress which screams of blooming spring as my second outfit. Especially, the offshoulder neck and pretty ruffles detailing on the dress is what I loved, that gave it special and hatke feel. As I wanted my dress to be the main spot of attention, pairing this lovely dress with my nude bellies was the best.

Subtle makeup was my obvious choice. I was happy with the hairstyle, so didn’t change. This saved so much of my shoot time.

Click Below To Shop My Look:

Dress: Athena

Bellies: Gnist, Flipkart

Location: Ambedkar park & Raj Bhavan

Hair & Makeup: me

Consider hiring a professional photographer as these are precious memories and you would want them to be more polished. Be prompt about your budget and expectations. Discuss your expectations, ideas and locations also the convinient timings and dates.

I hired an amazing photographer Mr. Siddesh Mayenkar and heartly thank him for clicking awesome pictures as well as for great editing work.

Take a look at his Facebook page Siddesh Mayenkar Phorography as well as his Insta handle Siddesh Mayenkar Photography

Contact No: 09923260936

Background plays an important role, so do share your outfit pics with your photographer, so that she/he could suggest a suitable location to match with your outfit. Moreover, you need to be comfortable with your photographer.

Prefer outdoor locations close to house. As in outdoor shoots we get ample amount of natural lighting for perfect picture plus its inexpensive. Especially, in the early mornings or during Golden hours as the lighting is optimum perfect for dreamy pics. Also, choosing nearby locations will help you to get back home to change into next outfit making your job easy and less tiring.

Wear comfortable footwear and avoid too much of florals, colours or checks to keep a balance.

As your outfit plays an important role, your partner’s outfit too plays an important role. So, do match your partner’s outfits with that of yours. An odd match will definetly ruin the overall look.

Always take photos in colour as you can always convert your image to black and white later.

Take help of cute props to make your shoot interesting and lively. You can include cute baby clothes and toys, a slate mentioning the due date of baby’s arrival etc. I opted for an ultrasonograph pic of my baby and cute cut outs.

Do take spontaneous and candid shots. Being spontaneous can sometimes bring even better results. Candid pictures can capture the beautiful moments of love and harmony in a relationship.

Moreover Dont Stress, embrace the life that is blossoming in your womb with your pretty smile and just go with the flow!

It does not matter, if your maternity pics are simple or grand. Pregnancy is a phase filled of joyous anticipation, so make the most it. At the end of the day, its the memorable and thrilling nine-month journey of carrying your tiny bundle of joy inside your womb that counts. The ups and downs of your pregnancy are what make for a memorable souvenir!

So guys, I hope you all liked the pics as much as I do!

If yes!

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Thanks for your valuable time and do take care.


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