28 Classic Eyeliner Styles

It is said that the beauty of the person lies in their beautiful eyes. Also one can express many things without saying a word only through their eyes.

So beautiful eyes are the best assest of a person. In that case, whats best than highlighting  it and adding more definition by simply applying a trendy eyeliner. This will make your eyes pop as well as boost your makeup even if your wearing simple one.

There are different types of eyeliner styles you could use to highlight eyes be it for office, casual outings or on special occasions.

The most important secret is to figure out which eyeliner style best suits your own unique facial features, rather than following the crowd.

I have put together a list of the most popular eyeliner designs to help you get creative with your everyday makeup regimen. Although some of the designs might be tricky but as it’s always said, practice makes one perfect.

Some of the eyeliner styles shown below can be overwhelming. In order to simplfy things one can always use eyeliner stencils or eyeliner makeup tools to acheive your desired eye look. Below are few eyeliner stencils which one can shop to get their perfect desired eyeliner look.

Also eyeliners too play an important role in enhancing overall appearance .

Pencil eyeliners are notable for their ability to produce stronger lines & build colour, making them an excellent choice for newbies who are prone to making mistakes while applying makeup.

Liquid eyeliners provide absolute precision for individuals who have mastered the steady hand, whereas pen eyeliners are deemed user-friendly with an effortless glide.

When it comes to producing a smudgy, smokey-eyed appearance, makeup artists as well ladies like to use gel & cream eyeliners.

Below are the links of few eyeliner tools to help you to get your desired look with ease.

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1. Basic Eyeliner Style For Beginners

This is a simple eyeliner style for beginners but it can still draw attention to your eyes even if you’re just beginning to apply eyeliner.

2. Neatly Drawn Cat Eyes

Start drawing a thin line over upper & lower eyelids to achieve this look. To create this beautifully drawn cat-eyed eyeliner technique, draw wing to outer portion of your eye.

3. Long-Winged Eyeliner

For this eye style, place the eyeliner at inner eye corner & pull the liner towards outer eye portion, gradually. Then flick the liner upwards close to your eyebrow end.

4. Blue Eyeliner Style

If you have small eyes, using a brightly colored eyeliner especially blue eyeliner can make them pop & appear larger.   

5. Double-Winged Eyeliner Styles

Try a double-winged eyeliner approach for a punk rock appearance by applying eyeliner on both lower & top eyelids. On upper lid, draw a curved winge, while on lower lid, draw a straight wing.

6. Simple Curved Wing Eyeliner

Begin by drawing a line on top eyelid with heavy strokes to achieve this eyeliner look. Then add a wing of medium-length that flicks at a curved angle to complete.

7. Short-Winged Eyeliner

This simple eyeliner style is one of the most popular makeup trends. This eye styles can be created by drawing a line across upper eyelid & finishing up with a small, slightly arched wing.

8. Silver Glitter Eyeliner Style

Draw black eyeliner onto upper eyelid & create a dramatic wing at the eye’s outer area to achieve this 70s sparkling eyeliner look. Then, above the eyeliner, apply silvery glitter eyeliner & allow it dry. This sparkling eye makeup is a fun & trendy and would be ideal for party.

9. Thin Wing With Thick Eyeliner

This vintage eyeliner look is achieved by applying a thick eyeliner layer to  upper eyelid & a small flicked wing to lower eyelid.

10. Unique Eyeliner Designs

This eyeliner style is inspired by ancient Egyptian makeup designs which were believed to ward off diseases.

11. Basic Cat Eye Eyeliner Style

This  style may be achieved  by drawing a small line in the inner eye corner, & then gradually increasing the line thickness. Draw a thick, pointed wing to finish. Apply nude eyeshadow before going for basic cat eye style.   

12. All-Around Winged Liner

This look is created by covering the lower & upper eyelid with eyeliner. Start by applying a thin stroke to your inner section of the eye and gradually thicken the line at outer corner with a pointed wing at both ends.


A scintilla of mermaid, a glimmer of 1980s. This look can be easily be  created by appling eyeliner in a variety of colours to brighten up the mood. 

14. Fishtail Liner 1

This fishtail eyeliner look is inspired by ancient egypt and the lines/tails in the outer eye corner are drawn parallel.

15. Fishtail Liner 2

In this Fishtail eyeliner style the outer corner of the eye is given a shape of a fish tail.

16. Floating Crease Liner

Floating eyeliner is absolutely trendy and exceptionally cool. Get this look by appling nude eye foundation on the upper and lower eye lid. Then draw a small wing at the outer eye corner and a curved thin line over the crease.

17. Graphic Arrow Liner

This look is similar to a cat eye, but with a more fierce edge & an long arrow.

18. Contouring a Fleeting Moment 

These wings have distinctive eye catching design, an arrow which falls on eye crease reminding you of  60’s & 70’s style.

19. Long Line Liner

This dramatic as well as elegant look can be acheived just with a thin stroke of curved liner from inner eye corner to outer portion of eye.

19. Natural Liner

For this appearance draw a thin line across the upperlid and slightly smudge it for flattering look.

20. Reverse Winged Liner

By just shifting the balance from top to bottom, you may achieve this both minimalistic & exotic look.

21. Smokey Eyeliner Style

Use a thick eyeliner on the upper and the lower lid and use brush to give smudged effect when blending into the eyeshadow. Then apply some gliterring eyeshadow along the crease for great smokey effect.

22. Thick Winged Eyeliner

Get a 60s Italian look with this thick winged eyeliner style which amp up the drama.

23. Short Flicked Eyeliner Style

This short flicked eyeliner style adds natural defination to your eyes. The eyelashes appear bigger as eyeliner appearances is blended in with the eyelash thickness after thin line of eyeliner is applied with a tiny wing at  end.

24. Sharply Pointed Wing Tips

This eyeliner style resembles a cat-eye with with a lot more sharper tip. Its devoid of a curve. To acheive this look, draw a sharp point towards your brow & above the eyelashes.

25. Enclosed Eyeliner Wing

This eyeliner is distinctive in that it creates a continuous wing around the eye but ends beneath lower lid.

26. Touch Of A Gold

Your simple & little winged design may sometimes require a little gold touch. This gives goddess-like vibe to it, specially if you have honey eyes.

27. Geometric Eyeliner

If you are an admirer of geometric patterns then you can co-operate these style on your winged liner.

28. Highlighted Wings

Winged eyeliner style should always complement shape as well as form of the brow. In this style the corners of the eye is highlighted with a gold eyeliner follwing the winged liner.

So, I hope you found my content useful. Also, I would love to know your favorite eyeliner styles in the comments below.

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