“MOHAK” Making Way To People’s Heart

Women is been a huge power house. In her life journey, she plays multiple roles. She takes birth in a family as a daughter, learns moral as well as cultural values. And if she is working outside she strives for betterment of her workplace.

And later gets married to be a part of another family as a wife & daughter-in -law. She tends to balance the whole family as well as work life.

In this journey, she becomes an obedient daughter to her parents, caring life partner to her man, and then of course, the most beautiful part of her life is being a responsible loving Mother.

As a Mother, she shields her child from even the slightest little harm and nurtures her or him for a brighter future.

And in all this hustle of responsiblities of house making as well as being a caring Mother, she sometimes tend to give up willingly or unwillingly on her outside work life & her dreams of establishing an identity in the society.

But thankfully, some find happiness and peace in spending some me time with their hobbies which develops into a great passion.

One such super women which I came across is Mrs. Shambhavi Sawaikar from Ponda, Goa. She worked in multinational IT company as engineer for 12 years. But after having kids, she had to leave her job to take care for her kids as a responsible Mother.

But even in this hustle & juggling between responsibilies as a Mother, Wife & Daugther-In -Law, she managed to keep up her hobby of sewing.

During her childhood days, she used to attend sewing classes in summer holidays. This helped her in sewing new useful stuffs as well as making crafts.

She started by sewing hairbands for her daughter using her new clothes ordered through online site that came of larger size. The extra hairbands were also gifted to others too.

This immense joy of sewing new stuffs and gifting inspired her to create something new from already existing stuff. Which bloomed into her new venture called “Mohak”. Her role as entreprenuer started a year ago on March 2021 officially, by taking customer’s orders.

She buys raw materials like accessories, linings, etc or asks the customer to lend her the existing fabric in form of unwanted or old saree, jeans, bedsheet, dupattas, blouse pieces etc that are in good condition but are not of any use, to make their desired product.

This made the customers even more happy. As the things which were just lying and taking space in the wardrobe are well made use of to something attractive and useful and are not simply wasted.

Upcyling has become new trend in the fashion industry. As people have become more and more aware of its benefits that leads to saving money and zero wastage to something useful & worthy. This adds great value for our money & also adds to healthy environment.

Till date she have tried more than 20 to 25 different products by upcycling fabrics to attractive bags, organiser, cosmetic pouches, gift packing bags, shopping bags, shagun naariyal, engagement sugar boxes, storage bags, slings etc.

She also makes house decor items like wall hanging, cushion covers, curtains, torans and even lots of utility stuff for to be bride. She even takes bulk order for giveaways.

Take a look at some of her awesome products below that she created using raw materials.


Beautiful & Unique isn’t it?

And if you are investing money then better invest on local goods & help them grow.


To have a look at more amazing products & buy them, click Mohak_by_ ss which is the brand’s Insta handle as well as Mrs. Shambhavi Sawaikar’s fb profileMOHAK.

Now, she is extermely glad of her new phase as well as proud of here venture and is happy to take it to next level. For this, she thank all her family members for supporting her.

Not only this, but she has also become an inspiration for many house wifes as well as house moms who dream to built their own identity in society.

Also, she has a message to all which is “Always have atleast one hobby irrespective of your career never know kab kaam aaye“.

She has now developed more confidence, broad mind as well as positive attitude as she meets many different people with wide range of thoughts due to this business. Also, she has many well wishers in her life.

Apart from this, she has planned many new things to come up in future. Owing to other family responsibilities, she is still juggling between her passion & home management but is still positive about her work & tend not to give up easily.

I too wish her best wishes for her bright future.

So, what are you all waiting for…Hurry up guys!

Do buy or gift these beauties to make yourself as well as your loved ones happy and also support her.

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Thanku very much for your valuable time.


4 thoughts on ““MOHAK” Making Way To People’s Heart

  1. Mohak…….!!!!! A luvly brand by a dear friend Shambhavi Sawaikar…. She has great ideas to upcycle ur unused stuff lying in the wardrobe.. Do give her a chance to make something amazing for u.. and she won’t disappoint u at all. All the best ‘Mohak’


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