My Baby Shower: A Day To Remember

Motherhood is a divine emotion and an incomparable feeling and shares the most strongest as well as beautiful bond with her child. This godly bond indeed needs to be celebrated. Hence the Baby Shower.

Although, the main purpose of this celebration in Indian culture is to pray for her and her child’s well being as well as for a happy delivery and motherhood.

Also, the Mom-to-be journey is not so easy and requires lots of care as well as patience.  So, to ease the stressful mood of the expecting mother this ritual is celebrated in her husband’s house with family, relatives and friends.

In contrast to western culture, baby showers in India are more religious in nature.  In west, it is more of fun event were they party, play games, shower gifts to would-be-mom and the baby. 

But in Indian culture, only the mother-to-be are showered with gifts and not the baby. The baby receives the gifts only after birth.

This event is mainly held when the woman is in her 5th, 7th, or 9th month of pregnancy and known with different names in different parts of India and so is it’s ritual. But its purpose remains the same.

My babyshower celebrated on the 9th month of my pregnancy, happens to be a most memorable event of my life. As it was a merge of two beautiful and meaningful traditions.

One, the South Indian kannadiga tradition called as “Seemanta” where all rituals were performed. Second, the fun yet meaningful elements  of “konkan” (Goan) tradition called as “Phula Malche” were I pose as “Lord Krishna” and “Goddess Laxmi“. This tradition is followed as the baby boy is considered to be former and baby girl the latter as per Hindu culture. So thoughtful isn’t it?

The beautiful flower jewelry donned during theses poses actually added more grace to my look. I really loved how it was custom made by Priya to beautifully match my saree.

At the end the delicious cake, happy poses with funny props for camera and scrumptious platter marked the end of this beautiful yet fun event.

Mainly this ritual begins by lighting diyas and prayers for the would be mom and child’s well being asking the Almighty’s blessing at “Shubh Muhurat” (auspicious time).

There are several superstitious beliefs regarding the celebration of this event. People once believed that pregnant women were more vulnerable to evil eyes. So goddess “Sri” (a incarnation of Lakshmi Devi) is prayed in order to ward off evil and safeguard the expectant mother.

Later all the women apply haldi and vermillion to forehead of the would be mom followed by adding flowers to her hair and green bangles on her wrist.

So that, the baby is welcomed into a world of uplifting vibrations made by the jingling sound of the bangles.

Then the mother-to-be is showered with gifts like sarees, jewelry etc. These are put into the sari’s veil which is carried like a pouch in front, on the right side. Also sweets, dryfruits and fruits are offered that help the baby’s overall growth.

The older married women then wave aarati (mangal aarati) to the would-be mother blessing her and her baby.

All of her favorite dishes are prepared to fulfil her cravings which is served to her during lunch. Children are invited first to partake the feast, followed by the would be mom and relatives, especially women.

At the end, all the sweets or fruits brought by her mother and mother-in in-law are disturbed to relatives and friends as gesture of good will.

She is then departed to her mom’s home accompanied by her husband.

Usually baby showers are only for the first-borns, but there is nothing wrong in having a baby shower to celebrate subsequent babies, as every pregnancy must be celebrated.

For this event, mostly a green coloured saree is worn as green signifies fertility.

Picking a particular color, cuts off many options. So, one may end up buying the same green color where most of them wear for their baby shower. But luckily, I got to wear this fresh and catchy banarasi pastel green saree that had hot pink contrasting borders and blouse color which made me go WOW. After visiting 2 shops in Panaji with disappointment, I finally got what I was looking for.

I completed my look by wearing beautiful dark green bangles and adorned flowers that matched with my outfit as per the customs. Thanks to Joselyn for the amazing makeover.

And ofcourse, my hands and feets were marked with beautiful babyshower themed mehendi designs by Deepali Dhavjekar which is meant to be “subha shagun”‘.

I thank all, who attended my babyshower, prayed as well as blessed me for mine and my child’s good health.

Also I thank my dear friend Ankita Chari for making me a beautiful delicious babyshower themed cake that satisfied my cake craving. As I am a hugecake lover.

I am Wearing

Saree: Neeta Sarees, Panaji

MUAH: Joselyn Dias (9049922280)                                                                     

Mehendi artist: Shri Ganesh Mehendi

Flower Jewellery: Priya Flower jewellery

PC: Shammi Sayyed Photography

I hope you all loved my pics as much as I do.

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Thanks for your valuable time and take care.


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