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And the season of weddings has begun!!

I am sure u might be feeling the adrenaline rush. Also, slight nervousness around the corner on thinking about what to wear, especially when you are invited to a great summer wedding. As the summer heat could easily drain you out. But with a few simple dressing tricks one can overcome this problem easily.

Indian weddings get more enjoyable and fascinating when it is your relatives or best friend’s wedding. You get to meet old friends or relatives and have lots of delicious food. These events are also among the most extravagant and most memorable occasions, where so many vibrant rituals are celebrated and one dresses in the finest Indian wedding attire.

Each gathering at an Indian wedding has a unique significance and differs in ambiance, mandating the need for various dress codes. You must therefore notch up your efforts to select the attire accordingly.

So it’s always advisable to have a well-planned wardrobe when attending a wedding as a guest as social presentation matters. Also, it tells a lot more about your personality and style.

No attire can beat ethnic wear when it comes to dressing for an Indian wedding. Lehenga, salwar suits, and sarees are the most popular festive ensembles. Although the community tradition may influence the style and specifics. And colors add a great positive vibe to it.

You are of course free to indulge in a wide range of palates across the board, especially at south Indian weddings. Unless there is a color theme or dress code. However, in north Indian weddings heavier red or maroon-colored sarees and plain red or maroon-colored lehengas are typically worn by brides.

Also, in contrast to north Indian weddings, which are flashy and extravagant with chunky embellishments and heavy crystal-studded necklines, vibrant rani pink silk sarees, and brocade lehengas with metallic golden buttis, weddings in the south and east India are much calmer. Women there take pleasure in donning traditional weaves like Kanchipuram silk sarees, Baluchari sarees, Pattu sarees, Tussar silks, and other types of silk and silk blends.

During summer weddings, heat can make one feel uneasy. So it’s better to avoid wearing something heavy and stick to simple fabrics which is light, bright, and easy breezy to beat the heat. This will let you soak up the season and enjoy the event comfortably hence you will appear great.

Sarees are perfect outfits for summer weddings as they allow a lot of ventilation and are lightweight provided you stay away from heavily embellished ones. You can choose from a variety of sarees, such as a Kanjeevaram silk, Banarasi silk saree, or a Mysuru silk saree for the royal look as an Indian wedding guest.

However, if you want to ditch the saree, you can choose between a basic georgette suit and a designer dupatta or a stylish silk salwar suit with sophisticated charm in it. Also, the outfit for an Indian wedding does not have to be glittery always, one can also opt for a wide variety of light fabrics and dresses and still rock and look gorgeous.

But do avoid light clothing for a winter wedding as it would make you feel uncomfortable due to cold weather.

Gold jewelry has always been an essential component of festive apparel especially meticulously handcrafted ones. It has long been the societal custom to arrive at the venue for the ceremony loaded down with ornaments. Although, going low on accessories is better as simplicity is key.

Attending an Indian wedding is like walking onto a treasure island because Indians enjoy flaunting their precious jewels on such occasions. The closer the relationship with the couple who are getting married, the heavier your jewelry gets as you plan your outfit.

But these days, particularly as a wedding guest, you can play low with the accessories thanks to a shift toward the trend of subtle dressing and experimenting with wardrobe beyond the wedding tradition. Therefore, there’s no need to be concerned if you don’t own a dazzling diamond set or a chunky gold necklace. Also overaccessorizing would overpower the elegance of the saree and can also add up to uneasiness in summer.

A chiffon sari with beautiful embellishments only on the borders and pallu is a great outfit choice to attend the event as you can don it with statement diamond jewelry or Kundan jewelry for a more classic appearance.

If you are quirky and love to create a bohemian look, which is currently “in,” you could also choose a handloom silk saree and match it with the statement silver jewelry of your choice.

For a fashion-conscious person, trendy footwear is a must. Vibrant sandals/flats, embroidered juttis, and stone-studded heels are the best for occasions like this. The rituals of an Indian wedding can last for hours, so you might want to ditch your beloved high heels and opt for comfortable footwear.

My guest wedding look was pretty must subtle with a pop of red on lips and nails. I am a huge fan of the subtle monochrome look, as it gives very much royal appeal. To create this, I opted for a gold-colored Banarasi Silk saree brought 3 years back and this is one of my favorite saree.

I wore this only for Varamahalakshmi pooja with a green color blouse that did not belong to this saree and was not that happy with the combination. As I wanted to wear it with the proper saree blouse allotted to this gorgeous one. Since the blouse and saree colors were similar, I got the desired monochrome look that I was looking for.

Also being a busy mom of a 9-month-old where most of your time gets occupied by little one’s duties you hardly get much time for yourself. Therefore, I needed to keep something easy, simple yet elegant. So that I can attend the event looking gorgeous, happy, and comfortable. And this occasion seemed perfect for this beautiful saree. As the fabric was light it would beat the heat and be easy to carry.

I got my saree blouse stitched with a simple and basic blouse design just to highlight the saree beauty. The saree itself was a personification of elegance. I could easily go low on accessories plus it was easy to drape which helped me to get ready in a few minutes.

Accessorizing this beautiful banarsi saree was great fun. A pretty choker necklace, gold bangles, waistband, finger rings, ear cuffs, and nose ring added more charm to the look without overpowering the saree. The choker necklace, nose ring, ear cuffs, and a pair of bangles had studded American diamonds. These perfectly matched well with each other as well as with the saree. The diamond jewelry added some definition and depth to the overall look since going all gold could make me appear washed out.

I was completely surprised to find how well the snake-printed beige-colored sling bag perfectly jelled with my saree. I was like Yaay! This was a last-minute match though. This sling bag had a pretty decent space to carry mine and my baby’s essentials like phone, lipstick, baby comb, baby wipes, etc etc. Finally a pair of decent beige colored belles saved my day. These footies were stylish as well as super comfortable to walk me through the whole day carrying my baby with ease. It definitely was a lifesaver. The sling bag along with the belles add a much more modern touch to the overall look. It definitely was a win-win situation for me.

I love open hair. So opted open hairstyle but clipped my hair crown neatly with a bow for a cute look. Wearing minimal sweatproof makeup is best for summer weddings. My minimal sweatproof makeup consisted of a light foundation, translucent powder to set the makeup, red lipstick, red nail paint, thin sweatproof eyeliner as well as mascara, blush, and slight shimmer. The final touch was a cute little bindi that made up the day.

Well! The pictures will speak louder, do have a look.

I hope you all loved my Pics and Video as much as I do.

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I am Wearing

Banarasi Saree: BSC Shopping, Davangere, Shop Similar

Sling Bag: Mango, Myntra   Shop Similar                                                                 

 Bellies: Gnist, Flipkart

Hair Bow: Max Fashion Shop Similar

Waist Band: SBC, Flipkart

Nath: Vama Fashion, Flipkart

Ear cuffs: Jdx, Flipkart

Choker: BSC Shopping, Davangere Shop Similar

American Diamond Bangles: BSC Shopping, Davangere Shop Similar

Thanks for your valuable time and take care.


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