On The Auspicious Day !

Hmmm……🤔 I didn’t even think of writing on this look until yesterday but then, I decided to. Thanks for the encouragement from my loved one. Also, I was quite satisfied with the response that I got for this look.  

As mentioned earlier, I had no prior plans on writing about My “Varamahalaxmi Pooja”  day look, so I have very few pictures posted in.

The pictures were clicked using Iphone 7, because it was the best option then, as I was in hurry and occupied most of the times. I should admit Iphone clicks an absolute good pics. Although the clicks were limited, Iphone 7 has possibly captured many fine details and I am happy.

“Varamahalaxmi Pooja” is celebrated on the second friday in the month of Shravana by hindus in Karnataka, Andra pradesh, Telegana and Tamil nadu, and is performed for the well being of the family especially the husband. It is believed that worshiping Varamahalaxmi on this day is equivalent to worshipping “Ashtalaxmi” the eight goddesses of Wealth, Earth, Wisdom, Love, Fame, Peace, Contentment and Strength.  

Now coming back to the auspicious day look. I wore a raw silk saree of quite soft texture, with a beautiful pink shade from Saroj collections, Panjim, Goa., which was gifted to me. The beautiful pink shade and thick border with beautiful shades of green and pink leaves was the main highlight of this saree. Intricate gold designs covered the saree body overall, including the pallav. 

As I love bold and vibrant pop of colour, I matched this saree with a violet shade blouse, that had sleeve border with similar designs to that of saree border one.

I opted for a quick and easy hairstyle which also looked elegant at the same time, plus this hairstyle complemented  the ear chain look, which I mark as a statement piece worn with the jhumkas, perked my overall traditional look.

As a part of  woman shringar, I wore pretty fancy bangles which was in similar shade to that of violet which matched well with my blouse. Bindi, gajra and final touch ups of subtle makeup which consists nude lip color, eyeliner and mascara completed my look for the day.

Except for draping the saree, which seems to be time consuming for most of us that includes me too, the quick and easy styles can help you get dolled up and can make you look good and feel happy.

Hope my style inspires you all.


Love life & D&B!

PC: Dr. Chethankumar

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