Incredible Diwali In Incredible Goa…

Diwali is one of the most popular and awaited festivals celebrated all over India that symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness”, “victory of good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. This festival is celebrated with enthusiasm and rejoice by decorating and lighting their homes and workplaces. Almost whole country is lightened up with diyas, colourful lighting and rangolis giving a beautiful scenic and happy view for the viewers.

Apart from lights, delicious food, desserts and gifts are also main part of this celebration where family, friends and relatives shares sweets with each other as token of love and affection.

Diwali in almost all states is marked by 4 day celebration with several myths attached to it, making the festive more interesting and eye catching in each state, which is where India encompasses it’s beauty. Each state spill their own unique festive liveliness but with one soul praying for their family  happiness and prosperity.

In states like Uttarpradesh & some parts of Maharashtra, diwali symbolizes the victory of lord Ram over Ravan, where goddess Ganga & Laxmi are worshiped respectively with utmost faith, devotion & gratitude.

Where as in West Bengal, especially Kolkata this festival begins with the name of goddess “Kali” by performing her pooja and chanting her name.

People in the state of Karnataka and Goa, being their festival with early morning bath with traditional oil massage. The oil is mixed with Chandhan/Sandalwood powder and massaged all over the body. Then they take the Holy bath which signifies the end of evil powers, wear new clothes and worship god with gratitude praying for their well being and happiness.The festival is then followed by performing goddess Laxmi pooja during New moon or Amavasya, seeking her divine blessings.

In addition, Goa has a unique charm & liveliness of diwali celebration. This begins with Narak Chaturdashi which symbolizes victory of lord Krishna over demon king Narakasur.

Goa is attracted by n number of tourists all over world for its serene beauty having lovely beaches, beautiful churches, calmness and delicious food which makes it a perfect holiday destination.

Most importantly, Goa also has a varied and rich cultural heritage with beautiful ancient temples which are ages old and are dated to be of Kadamba dynasty. This varied rich food, culture and architecture was been marked by the ruled Hindu Kings, Adil Shahi emperors and the Catholic Portuguese which differs from the rest in this country.

Like wise, some of the festivals celebrated here are also interestingly unique like the one during diwali.

People of Goa, enthusiastically participate in making effigies of Narakasur using combustible materials like papers, sack, grass etc and filled with fireworks, few days prior to the festival. The destruction of Narakasur is re-enacted by burning the effigies during wee hours on the day of Narak Chathurdashi.

People drive/ride with their family, relatives or friends in most places just to watch eye catchy huge or small Narakasur the whole night. The night is being rejoiced by dancing to the beats of music as the lord Krishna had fulfilled the demon’s wish that his death day will be rejoiced and celebrated. Even competitions are held to encourage the people, and the best maker who participates is being rewarded.

It’s being a pleasure in celebrating this festival at my home town Goa with my husband, watching mesmerizing huge effigies which cherished my golden sweet childhood memories.

Sharing the amazing pics clicked. Hope you all like it and next time when you come to Goa, enjoy goan food and this festival apart from scenic places .


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