Winter Skincare


So finally, the winter has arrived giving us relief from sweat and pricking heat but it has also brought along dry, itchy skin due to dryness, cracked heels and chapped lips which literally freaks me out.  Duhhh…๐Ÿ˜’

I can somewhat tolerate oily skin but dry itchy skin makes me feel miserable and sick.

But not to worry as one can enjoy winters without wreaking their skin by religiously following some simple skincare routine for healthy skin.

The core of skin care routine will always remain same for every season with few additions or changes in the products depending on the skin type, of course the seasons and the the regions like for example the climate in Goa is moderate therefore its comparatively less dry than in Davangere (DVG).

First and foremost step of skin care is always Cleansing. Use of mild  cleansers during winters will gently cleanse the skin without causing harshness as the skin is already dry due to loss of natural oils from pores. It’s better to consult the dermatologist for those with skin problems before using any other skin related products.

Personally, I use Nivea Care Shower Creme Soft with Almond & Mild Scent shower gel as it does give me soft and moisturizing feel after shower. As a face wash I prefer using the one prescribed by my skin specialist or else I also like using Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash.

Next step of skin care is always Exfoliation or Scrubbing as it helps to remove dead cells of the skin thereby stimulating absorption of goodies on application, refreshes, smoothens, adds glow and  also helps getting rid of black and white heads. Use of Mild Exfoliator is advisable during this season.

I usually prefer using slightly coarse powdered gram flour/besan/Chickpea flour paste to exfoliate my skin, mixed with few drops of almond or coconut oil and few spoons of water/rose-water. This is then mixed well into a thick paste which works effectively for me.

Scrubbing every after 10 or 11 days is ideal for me as it helps get rid of dead cells without causing discomfort/ harm to my face and body skin as it’s already too dry.

Next step is Toning. Good toner removes any bit of dirt or oil left after cleansing. It also hydrates, soothes, nourishes and balances the PH of the skin. Rose water is known for good skin toning properties and I prefer using Divya Gulab Jal as a toner.

Moisturizing: Its mandatory to moisturize the skin at every season. Moisturizing helps in delaying skin aging and formation of wrinkles due to dryness and also gives even texture to the skin. 

Use of deep intense moisturizer specifically can help in getting some relief from dryness but since I have sensitive skin, I prefer using Patanjali’s Aloe-vera Kesar Chandhan gel as facial cream almost throughout the season but when my skin feels too dry I switch on to Nivea Face Cream.

Aloe-vera is packed with lots of skin benefits. It can be used as a Moisturizer, a Serum and also a Hydrating gel.

Known for cooling and soothing the skin it can be applied as an under eye cream to minimize dark circles too but be careful as it can cause eye irritation if the gel gets into eyes.

As body lotion I prefer applying Nivea Aloe vera Hydrating 48 hr Deep Moisturizing Serum, it smells good and also moisturizes well.

Even Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore cream works well  and I keep switching between these two just for a change also it’s compact therefore easy to carry while travelling.

Cracked Lips is another misery during winters. It’s best to apply almond oil before going to bed at night. During the day applying Himalaya Lip Balm after ever hour or 2is best to keep lips soft and supple.

For Cracked Heels soak your feet in lukewarm water for about 10-15 mins with either salts or any favorite body wash into a bucket with few drops of lemon added to the water. Then scrub the soaked feet using pumice stone (scrubber) to get rid of dead cells. Later wash your feet with clean water and apply good moisturizer after pat drying it with soft towel.

Use Of Oils can do wonders to our skin. I known, it can sound Ehhh…for many but it does magically work giving one soft glowing moisturized skin in winters. So do try it yourself and let me known.

Massaging Almond/Coconut on to face and body for at-least 10-15 mins before taking shower if not daily then at-least for a week or a twice, helps to combat dryness. Later, wash your body and face using Gram flour/Besan/Chickpea flour paste followed with body wash for squeaky clean self.

People prone to pimples or with oily skin can switch to Tea tree oil mixed with olive oil for their facial skin instead.

Include Spoonful Of Ghee in your daily diet especially during the day. Oil not only externally but also internally contributes for healthy skin. Ghee help boost intake of Vitamin A,E & K, all nutrients that helps in glowing skin and maintaining healthy skin and vision. Ghee also helps building Healthy bones and improves digestion. So do include spoonful ghee for your breakfast or for lunch.


Use Of Mask: Applying masks every once or twice a week can hydrate and give fresh and glowing skin. I love using natural products which are affordably safe and simple to apply with no much hush hush around.

So a mixture of a small spoonful honey with few drops of lemon juice works absolutely great on skin. As honey moisturizes and lemon lightens the skin by removing tan ultimately u are left with soft smooth glowing skin. Like wise if honey seems sticky one can switch to pure Aloe vera gel instead.

Finally including fresh vegetables and fruits, intake of plenty water and exercising are also vital for healthy glowing skin for every season.

So guys, I hope my few mentioned tips sounds useful to you all so do try and let me known.


Keep loving D&B…..


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