Bound To The Roots….

Well o well…

It seems, lots of post on ethnic wear have been lined up this week, because of too many festivals back to back and also hopefully, an upcoming wedding event look will be disclosed soon. So its obvious! and why not? being Indian I feel proud to represent the most graceful outfit ever discovered The “Saree”, signature of a Indian women. 

Well, not to blame that women looks most stunning and poised in saree but for many, pleating the saree pallu can be time consuming and I admit to belong in the same category.

So if you are looking for some super option for that time consuming part and yet get that glorious look as that in saree, Half saree/two piece saree is the best option indeed.

“Half saree” is a traditional, typical South Indian wear and is known as Langa Daavani in Kannada,  Pavadai Daavani in Tamil and Langa Voni in Telgu.

This outfit includes Langa which is the skirt worn with the help of a string tied around the waist and Davaani i.e. the pallu is drapped across the blouse/choli.

Although this outfit is worn by South Indian women who have crossed puberty and are eligible for marriage but due to globalization through Bollywood cinemas like 2 States and Chennai express it has gained wide spread exposure all around India and is indeed, embraced during special occasions.

Usually, this garment is made of Silk which is considered as the most desirable fabric of South India but these days they are available made out of various fabrics like Cotton, Synthetic, Net material etc. The most common design highlights includes, heavy borders, zari work on the saree with a colour contrasting pallu.

Although, the original ones were quite simple and plain but in recent days these apparels have evolved with variety of designs, cuts and heavy work for the extraordinary modernistic punch that incorporates various blouse design styles with different types of skirt styles like A-line, Peacock cut, Mermaid-cut, Straight cut and so on that can help one flaunt their personal style gloriously.

Personally, I dressed up in a traditional South Indian look with this half saree picked up from a Panjim store that have been shifted long back and I don’t have their present location unfortunately but one may find similar collections in “Neeta Sarees” outlet in Panjim, Goa.

I loved this one coz of the grand zari border that kept its originality, rich vibrant colour and the net material used for it’s make that gave it a modern feel.

Hoping you all liked the look in the pics.

Have a Happy Day!

Thank You

Love life & D&B…

PC: Dr. Chethankumar

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