Things To Carry In The Bag….

Woman and Bag are so relatable as there is a saying that you can tell a lot about a woman by her bag and the things inside her bag.

A bag is so important that the life gets harder to deal with, in its absence, at least for me. Having a bag with all your essentials gets you ready for all situations you face during the day out,  may be at your workplace, party or while travelling making your life much more easy. Its like your mini home space.

 So here I am, listing out the essentials that every women must have in her bag.

1. Fully charged power bank, cell phone and charger: which can be helpful for long distance  travelling.

2. Safety pins – You know how important these safety pins are during wardrobe malfunction. Its definitely a life saver.

3. Hair brush, bobby pins and hair bands – For neat tidy well put hair look.

4. Hand Sanitizer – For personal hygiene as you would like to keep your hands clean. 

5. Water Bottle – Small or big size depending on your need. I always prefer big water bottle as I do keep check on my water intake to keep myself well hydrated and I don’t go out without it.

6. Moisturizer and lip balm with SPF – For soft and hydrated face, hands and legs.

7. Munchies – Like chocolates, chikkies, nuts as whenever you get hungry its readily available in your bag. No fussing around especially while traveling.

8. Tea/Green Tea/Coffee Sachet – whenever you feel like dozy, you can refresh your mind with a sip.

9. Pepper Spray – This is the must have thing for women of all ages for self defense, so no one can mess with you. Carrying one will give confidence to face any threat.

10. Mouth freshener and perfume – to keep bad breath and body odor away.

11. Band aid – for nasty pricks and shoe bites.

12. Sanitary pads – you never know when the clock ticks, so be prepared.

13. Wallet – which would have some cash, ATM Cards, Driving Licence etc.

14. Good pair of shades: to protect eyes from harmful UV rays of sun.

15. Face wash and wipes – To get rid of dirt and oiliness from your face and wipe off with clean wipe after washing.

16. Medication pouch with tablets – that could relieve from headache, fever etc.

17. Pen and Notepad.

18. Make up Pouch – that has compact lipstick, mascara, eye liner, blush, oil blotting paper, face and body mist. lip gloss for that little touch up when ever you are in need.

19. Earphones/book/kindle – for much needed entertainment you seek while traveling.

20. Scarf and Jacket/Umbrella – to cover from sun light and handy umbrella that can go in your bag easily.

Hope so you find my post useful. Do comment.


Love Life & D&B!


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