Saree Spree


I don’t know why I am drawn to “Saree” so much. I mean, most of my blogs are on Saree these days. Anyways! as long as I enjoy wearing Saree, I don’t care. Also I feel a lot more confident wearing it.

These days, many Indian girls and women are being incredibly creative in draping Saree, adding their personal style, making it lot more interesting and eye catching, plus inspiring others too.

My Saree fashion is total old school and I have always been more interested on Saree blouse details rather than the Saree itself. This time, I tried to mix and match the grey saree blouse that has a “Back Tie” detail with the light blue fancy Saree that is meticulously hand-glazed with pretty beeds, and the mix & match turned out to be a total game changer. I personally loved the way these two matched. ”Bow-Tie” is one of the fashion trends of the year 2019 which gives a cute girly feel.

To make my look more bespoke and sophisticated, I accessorized with dainty pieces like pearl nath, ear studs and bangles that perfectly jelled with the pearl details of the blouse.

Also the turquoise blue eyeliner from Lakme seemed to match well the Saree, spilling some eye drama along with the subtle nude lip color from Maybelline.

So did you like the pics? Also feel free to share your saree style through your comments below.


Love Life & D&B !

Sayonara !

Outfit Details:

Saree: Old

Latkan: Flipkart

Blouse: Tailor stitched

PC: Dr. Chethankumar

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