Simple Ways To Look Stylish Everyday

Are you the women who thrives for a polished look everyday?

Well, then welcome! You have landed at the right place. There isn’t much rocket science involved in this. The only things you require to keep in mind are discipline, some time, inspiration and practice. Yes! these few simple things are enough to reach your goal.

You need not worry about your bodytype, lifestyle or investment in expensive clothes. As you can still have an amazing stylish life within your budget with these few simple tips.

Looking stylish should be something you look forward to every day.  And ,these are simple to implement, practical & effective. The aforesaid tips for looking stylish can assist you in better understanding of your personal style. And also, adopting a style that can help you become the fashion icon you were born to be.

So ladies, lets begin….

1. Iron Your Clothes

There is nothing more unpleasant than wrinkled apparel. Even if you wear the nicest outfit, wrinkled clothes spoils your overall appearance. This is why ironing is crucial. Unlike normal irons, the steam iron allows you to iron your garments in minutes.

2. Strive For Chic Look

Being stylish doesn’t necessarily mean wearing designer clothes alone. There is so much more to it. Even if you wear a t-shirt with a pair of jeans, you can look chic. Yes, it’s because you can create a chic look by using the right accessories that can add polished look.

3. Be Prepared

Putting together an outfit in a shorter period of time and with less thought will be obvious. Hence being prepared is the coolest way of avoiding situations like this. Every night, set aside some time to choose an attire. In this way, you won’t have to rush out the door in the morning or fret on how you look as well as feel inconfident.

While putting together an outfit, the most important thing to keep in mind is the day ahead of you. Whats your plan, & what attire will you need to wear? Is your workday jam-packed with meetings & interactions? Do you want to look confident? Or are you planning a day of fun with your best buddies?

After you have decided on your outfit, it’s time to think about accessories & footwear. Accessorizing may spice up a plain outfit and give it a fresh vibe. The more you practise putting clothes together, the easier it gets. You will begin to recognise what works well on you and how certain pieces complement one another. It simply requires practice, like with most things.

4. Invest In Timeless Wardrobe Staples

Invest in some good quality timeless pieces that you can easily mix & match and never goes out style. You may have heard of “capsule wardrobe”. These bascally includes black, white and denim shirts, white, black and neutral tone tees, white and black tanks.

Also include a perfect blouse which can be dressed up with a skirt or trousers or casual with jeans or polos, one/two sweaters for cool winters, a black dress, a pair of trousers, versatile cardigans, jeans, black blazer, denim jacket & black skirt are all classic pieces to have on hand.

This way you can get dressed quickly by mixing and matching them. Also you will look trendy. Here are a few simple outfit combinations listed below:

Skinny jeans + T-shirt + belles, or skinny jeans + pullover sweater + boots

jeans+ denim shirt+ boots/ belles, or Skirt+ button-down shirt + pumps

Little black dress + heels, or little black dress + denim jacket + flats/sneakers

5. Go For Clothes That Fit You Well

When it comes to looking sophisticated, the right fit makes all the difference. So toss out anything that is too big or too small from your closet. Because if the clothes doesn’t fit, it won’t look good either.

Do consider bringing your clothes to a tailor if they don’t suit you well and you don’t want to part with them.

One should keep in mind that some outfits are meant to fit little differently. For example, an oversized sweater is supposed to loosely fit over you.

6. Always Opt For Comfort First

If you look stylish but are uncomfortable in your outfit, then you aren’t winning ! Before you get dressed, check to ensure that if you feel comfortable in your outfit and dress according to the weather.

You should probably take in account about rest of your day. If  you have a lot of errands to run then you must simply prefer compy stylish flats over stilettos.

If you are not willing to compromise style for comfort. Then don’t compromise. Opt for stylish formal wear/footwears for your formal events/meeting. Later change into casual wear/footwears when you are done.

7. Dress According To The Weather

You need to also be, prepared for the weather change. This means having a light sweater or jacket on hand during cool days or opting for light colored comfy cotton outifts during summers. If it’s raining, always carry an umbrella and opt to wear comfy shoes that will allow you to move fast or easy to run, instead of heels. Also, avoid wearing white or material that takes pretty long to dry if you get wet.

8. Go For A Neutral Color Palette

 If you prefer classic and traditional styles with a twist, then opt for neutral tones. As it is a simple way to look sophisticated. Not only are neutrals easy to mix and match, but also they can be used to create a monochromatic ensemble, which is the pinnacle of class. 

If you love patterns and bright colors, then just go for it & allow them to evolve within your wardrobe over time.

9. Wear Black When In Doubt  

All-black ensembles can be worn in a number of ways. It can be worn plain or as a canvas for displaying striking jewelleries.

All Black outfit from head to toe has become a epitome of style thanks to some of history’s most stylish women. If you love black, adorn it, as it’s always in trend, it’s basic, and it helps you look great on days when you don’t know what to wear.

10. Invest in Simple Upgrades

Invest in 3 things to instantly enhance your look:

a great blazer in black, grey or pale pink, a good quality handbag in a similar tones & your everyday footwear.

Invest in great quality footwear of your choice that you can afford. Are you a sneaker aficionado? Then buy one, so that you can mix and match with your outfits for a sporty yet polished look.

Adding higher-quality item in your everyday wear, will make you look sophisticated as well as elegant.

One of my favorite and easy go-to wear during any season is closed neck t-shirt or turtleneck top and a pair of jeans. As It’s easy to manage home and work life with these. Plus, I can instantly enhance my style by slipping on to a blazer, donning a descent footwear & grabbing a classic bag. You can also make your everyday look appear more interesting and stylish by playing around with the elements.

11. Consider a Uniform 

When I refer to a uniform, I do not mean that you should wear the same thing every day. But, creating different versions of your favourite, stylish outfits that you wear every day.

 For example,  Jeans and blazers, are one of my “uniforms.” But I don’t always wear the same pair of pants & blazer everyday. Instead, I combine similar pieces to create a variety of looks. It’s denim jeans and a casual blazer on some days, slim jeans and denim jacket or moto jacket on other days.  Black pants and a smart blazer for a meeting. So, this way I keep my style cohesive & “feel” like myself instead of being overly monotonous by replicating looks.

12. Make Sure That The Colors Compliment

Make sure the colors of your ensemble go well together & compliment you!

When it comes to styling, shade is crucial. A hue that looks good on someone else might not look good on you. Simply play around with colors until you find the ones that best suit you. Check the palette and the colors you’re wearing. If it contrasting, bright or subtle.

Colors could influence your overall mood, so make sure that colours you choose help you feel good.

If you’re cheerful and excited, opt for yellow or pink color. As these colors makes one feel happy. If you are feeling calm and peaceful opt for blue or green shades. Also, double-check to see, if the colours complement your skin tone and hair color.

Use clothes to enhance your mood. Make sure to choose happy colors to lift up your energy so you could get yourself out of a depressing mood. When I’m feeling low, I put on a favourite outfit as well as some fun accessories and go out for fresh air.

13. Organize Your Closet

With a cleaned, organised & well choosed closet, you will have a wardrobe that has color-coordinated outfits with dresses, blouses, jackets, jeans, sweaters, trousers, skirts, & other items in their right places. Hence, you’ll be able to easily find your favourite outfit as well as match it with perfect footwear in less time.

Getting dressed becomes much simpler when your wardrobe seems to be organised & loaded with items you adore. Since you know every piece in your closet is fashionable. And also, there isn’t a thing that has stain, rip, ill-fitting, or is unattractive to spoil your look.

This way, you will reach to your closet with enthusiasm and positivity. Hence, make sure to spend your time in arranging your closet and benefit from it. As, it will make getting dressed in the morning, effortless!

14. Look For Balance

The outfit’s colors, patterns, dimensions, fabrics and styles must all be in harmony.

Your outfit musn’t confuse or overpower you. Nor, there should be too many contrasting colors or accessories. When an ensemble is out of balance, you will notice that something isn’t quite right.

But, If you have no idea about mixing & matching contasting color, patterns, dimensions or fabrics then look for inspiration in Fashion blogs, Instagram, Pinterest etc as it will assist you in styling better.

Also, If you are opting for a looser outfit, make sure to balance it off with a slimmer piece. The loose top complements the form-fitting bottom, just like when wearing a baggy sweater with a pencil skirt or a black leggings.

15. Look For Outfit That Is Flattering

Accentuate your best features. Adorn clothes that makes your figure look great.

This rule applies to all your outfits, not just your sexy pants. Every outfit you wear should be a good fit for your body type. You must go for a distinct waistline regardless of your body shape because it will make you feel sexy the right away!

Do check if the outfit you wear makes you look taller & leaner or short or makes you feel shabby. Always go for outfits that makes you feel and look good.

16. Comfy Undergarments

Invest in good quality undergarments. Make sure you’re wearing a good quality comfy bra and panty that looks and feels good on you. Visible bra and panty lines in outfit will make your attire look awful. Also, make sure you’re wearing the correct bra size, not one that’s too big or too small. It’s essential to have the right bra size.

17. Pop Up Some Accessories

Layered Necklaces add a fashionable and casual look to any ensemble. Also, hoop earrings  are highly trending these days & adds
 a attractive as well as chic look. It can be worn affortlessly with both casual as well as formal attire. And these are available easily on Amazon.

18. Look For Inspiration

If you’re not sure what to wear or how to style, looking for inspiration can be the best option. And, if you found what you are looking for, half the battle is won. Fashion blogs, Pinterest, and  Instagram are all excellent sites to look for. Also you can follow your favourite celebrity and get inspired by the way she carry herself. This way, you’ll be able to tell what’s popular & what’s not. It will surely point you in the right direction.

19. Right Pair Of Shoes

Style isn’t just about your clothes, but also about your accessories and, yes of course, your shoes. Always consider the occasion, the look you want to achieve and its comfortability. If you are going out for a night, you can choose stilettos. However, if you plan to dance all night, pick a good pair of polished flats or wedges, which are more comfortable.

20. Keep Occasion In Mind

You can never go wrong if you keep the occasion in mind. If you pay attention to the most stylish ladies around, you’ll notice that they dress appropriately for the occasion. Their appearance is suitable and sophisticated, in accordance with a company’s or organization’s dress code. So, if you’re not sure about the dress code, ask about the dress code so you can dress appropriately. 

21. Keep Clothes in Good Shape

Women who are fashion-conscious have high respect for their clothes & never leave them  scattered on the floor after they have been used. On the plus side, if you look after your clothes, they will seem new and fresh without you getting stressed about whether or not things will work out. If you want your clothes to last a lot longer, look at the labels, wash, dry, and iron them according to the requirements. You don’t have to pay for expensive dry cleaning costs, either.

22. Have An Extra Set On Stand by

Smart women are constantly prepared to deal with unforeseen circumstances. If you want to be that woman, make sure you always have an outfit ready to go at a moment’s notice. A pair of jeans, a simple white top, as well as pair of shoes can work great. Always keep a needle, thread,tape, band-aids, and buttons in your purse, just in case, to be on safer side.

23. Keep Check On Your Nails & Makeup

 Always keep your nails clean and in shape either with or without nailpolish. Having chipped nail is a big no no. Also, try to apply minimal makeup & highlight features which makes you look best & fresh.  These simple things do make a big difference, even if you are wearing sweatpants.

24. Style Your Hair

Hair styling is also one of the important part of your look. So, if your hair isn’t done, it won’t look great, even if you put together the most stylish clothes. You don’t need to heat or curl your hair every day. Just a cute high ponytail, an impressive messy bun or even some simple pretty braids can get your overall appearance to topnotch. In the end, every small details do add up to make one look more sophisticated.

So guys, hope you enjoyed reading and found this info useful. Do let me know by hitting likes.

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