#Yugadi Special

Hi everyone!

I am for sure, I don’t need to mention about the hot days we are already counting to get rid off especially in Davangere. If you all are not I have already started atleast.๐Ÿ˜› Hope all have stuck to summer suitable lifestyle to keep the body cool and hydrated. You know what I mean , water ”the elixir of life”. Hmmm. I am planning to write on this as my next hot topic on blog. That sounds better I guess.

And not to forget we are 3 days before the Yugadi/Gudi Padwa/Ugadi festive, celebrated in western and southern parts of India in different names, in the first month of Chaitra which marks the beginning of new year, according to the lunisolar hindu calendar. And off course all prefer to celebrate our new year with new clothes to begin our new year life praying for prosperity.

And undoubtedly its lovely to see all dressed up and happy, especially the ladies, draped in beautiful sarees wearing beautiful ornaments that complements them.

Well saree with no second thought is the most elegant attire but just in case you all change your mind to wear a dress.๐Ÿ˜Ž After all its a free world and trust me, celebrate everyday as woman’s day, feel free and blossom.

Well i decided to wear my newly stitched anarkali dress. I just love the so refreshing bright orange color which syncs with the theme of Yugadi or Gudi Padwa as orange symbolises the color of victory over evil and it’s also the color of Brahma Dhavja used in Gudi, mentioned in Brahma Purana because Lord Brahma had created the universe on this day. Besides, it’s simply the color of the spring-summer.๐Ÿ˜œ

I love long, free flowing dress as it’s elegant and surreal which accentuates femininity in you and floral rose prints was an icing over a cake. No Indian festive look is complete without ornaments as it also elevates the beauty of women. So I paired a beautiful pair of pearl peacock jhumkas and a bangle for a traditional Indian vibe and yes…I have to mention my hairstyle did complement my feminine look along with this beautiful dress.

Moving on to my delightful flats with gold metallic touch for a comfortable walk that finally completed my outfit.

If you liked my look, do let me know through your comments.

Happy Yugadi!

Love Life & D&B!

Outfit details:

Anarkali Dress – Tailor stitched  

 Jhumkas –  Amazon

Flats-  Panajim Market

Bangle – Panajim Market

PC: Dr. Chethankumar

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