Max Happyness With Max Fashion…..

Hello everyone!

Apologies for delay.

I do want to say that, this was supposed to be posted long back but, nevertheless has found a Shubha Mahurath today. So I thought of jotting it down in my blog.

These pictures were taken long days before, on my wedding anniversary,  which is of course a very special day to me.  So I embraced this elegant kurta and leggings brought from MAX Fashion House and was attracted to the color and rich look due to the zari work on kurta. Also it is a very comfortable clothing.

This pictures were shot using cell phone on the way to temple. So I kept my look completely traditional.

Check out the pics below and do let me know through your comments about this look.

Thanking All.

Sayonara !


PC: Dr. Chethankumar

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