Feel Free To Express….

The sea below me, the sky above me. It makes me feel small, It makes me feel free.

A free mind and a happy heart gets best out of us. Don’t you think ?

I am pretty happy and much more excited posting this because firstly I love this look a lot and secondly I did not spend a penny creating this one as I simply mixed and matched the clothes and accessories that was just lying in my wardrobe for ages. Except for the beautiful dark blue comfortable culottes that was gifted to me few months back.

This is very easy and quick, go to look which I carelessly accessorized with colorful bangles plus bracelets, nose and ear studs and funky multi-layer neck-piece. Although I am not much of an accessories person, I just felt the urge for wearing all these and not giving a damn about it. After all, I was happy about the way I looked.

Apart from accessorizes I also loved the grunge from super stylish jacket that spurs my attitude.

You can carry this look for fun outings like Movie, shopping etc with family and friends by completing the look with a black or tan colored sling bag.

Even you can transform this into a beach look by simply opting for a pair of tie-up or fancy flats and keeping jacket as your optional choice.

What you think about this look? Let me know through your comments.

Thank you.

Love Life & D&B,

Sayonara !

Outfit details:

Tube-top –  Flipkart

Old Jacket –  Musthafa collection, Panajim 

Culottes- Gifted

Flats-  Big Bazaar

Nose stud – Old 

Neck-piece and bangles-  Street pick

PC:  Dr. Chethankumar

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