”Phulkari Bags” Is Not Just A Bag But A Pride Of India’s Rich Cultural Heritage

As the title suggests, Phulkari bags is not just a bag but a pride of India’s rich cultural heritage. And I specially thank as well as appreciate Kamika’s effort (a housewife turned Entrepreneur from Vasco, Goa ) for keeping the rich cultural art of India alive by making such beautiful, mesmerizing and stylish “Phulkari Bags” through her creative artistic skills along with a touch of modern feel at a very affordable price.

We as a Proud Indian should equally encourage and support them for taking such an important step as well as for their wonderful creativity by buying their great products.

Most importantly, supporting local products have become a new motive of a Strong, Independent and Modern India as said by our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sir, “Be Vocal For Local Products & Help Them Grow’’ by buying these local products. Even celebrities like Kangana have started this campaign, then why should we lag behind. Lets all join and support this campaign by adding value to our local products.

India is known for its unique handicrafts and artistic forms depicting its rich cultural and traditional vibrancy. Every region in India have their own distinct pattern and style known as folk art. Some of the folk art or regional handcraft have their own long history which has made a glorious comeback in this westernized modern world.

“Phulkari” is one such folk art of Punjab and is meant to be the most vibrant as well as distinctive embroidery style in the world. Although, Phulkari means flower work, but the designs include not only flowers, as it also covers motifs, geometrical shapes and nature inspired designs that are weaved as conceived by the weaver or designer.

The ensemble of expressive geometrical and floral designs that pleases the senses, the eye catchy montage of colors embodied in the fabric and the intricate and exquisite handwork in the fine display is no joke as it requires lots of patience and precision which speak volumes of dedication of the country’s finest ethnic practitioners.

Although, ‘Phulkari’ also known as ‘Gulkari’ a rural tradition of Punjab practiced by the women across Punjab, is said to be originated either in Iran or somewhere in Central Asia from where it traveled to India and sustained, flourished as well as evolved in the form we recognize today. However, the partition of India had got it laid back due to economic as well as social upheaval and change. But owing to globalization as well as commercialization through Fashion designers, Bollywood & the talented people like Kamika, it soon sprang back up like an evergreen style statement in fashion.

The main characteristics of this embroidery are the use of darn stitch on the wrong side of the cloth with silken thread. Earlier, phulkari was woven on Khaddar (the traditional fabric of punjab) and cotton, but nowadays it is mechanically produced to reduce cost as well produce great qualities. Also, these days one can work it on all types of fabrics like from silk and chiffon to georgette and crape.

Phulkari work beautifies all types of garments as well as home decor fabrics. Although, phulkari suits with matching phulkari dupattas are popular but phulkari bags are also immensely trending in fashion these days. From past years till today, the fashion with respect to clothes and shoes have evolved and so the bags have also.

Bag is an important personal space of every woman that makes her life quite easy while travelling. Besides, woman’s outfit is incomplete without a perfect bag. Don’t you think?

Nowadays, we find ladies flaunting their bags with various shapes, sizes, colors and with unique designs embedded on them. Especially, bags with Phulkari work is a big hit at the moment when it comes to street fashion as these unique phulkari bags can be easily incorporated into diverse wardrobes.

With no single doubt, these bags/pouches can easily go along with both Indian as well as western tops and tunics effortlessly and are perfect for almost all occasion like Outing with friends, Office, College, Sunday brunch, Beach day, Weddings and what not. One can find n number of possibilities to style using these bags/pouches.

Phulkari bags can make the mediocre plain monochrome outfit look more exquisite whether it is western or Indian wear including sarees.

For those who prefer minimalistic dressing and are not in favor of heavy jewelries for them these beautiful bags can itself be a perfect accessory to spice their look to whole new level.

Also, to those who like to spur their feminine as well as cute side, oxidized jewelries and phulkari bag go hand on hand. Either way girl, you win your style game.

You can also spread loads of love and bring big smile to once face by gifting these useful bags/pouches to your loved ones and make them feel special. I mean look at these beautiful bags who will say no to these lovelies. I bet, I will never say no at least.

So, guys what you all are waiting for? Raise your fashion standards or gift your loved ones with these Go to, Stylish, Durable, Eco-friendly as well as Affordable bags and make yourself as well as them happy as we all are worth it.

Take a look at some of the wonderful collections of Kamika that is been posted below.

PC: Kamika

Contact No: 9834966984

Price Range: 100 – 500 INR (can vary as per work)

If you are interested in buying these products you can reach Kamika on the above mentioned contact number.

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Note: Phulkari is one of the most detailed and intricate kinds of needlework that needs proper care. If needed this garment should be washed with delicate hands and be ironed on the reverse side. As an optional choice, one can also get it dry-cleaned occasionally to keep the fabric bright and lively.


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