Lift your Summer Mood With Blush Pink & Maroon Touch!!

Pink color have always been very flattering to most women, especially a light pink shade is my most loved one. This hue instantly lifts up the mood and imparts glow to the complexion without washing out lighter skin tones or contrast too harshly on darker skin tones. This pretty shade also adds an impressive healthy and fresh look, making it one of my favorite color pick not only during summers, but for all seasons.

Apart from this, Pink is very much on trend, these days. Many elite celebrities like Dua Lipa, Aiko and Debi Nova, were seen flaunting their beautiful pink outfit for Grammys, held recently. And, they all looked absolutely stunning.

However, some who thrive for sophistication as well as boldness refuse to opt pink. As this hue adds subtleness making them look too girly and cute.

But, there are plenty of ways to wear it in a stylish and chic way without being compromised. One of the easiest way is pairing it with strong, edgy, and bold colors like Black, Chestnut and Maroon.

I choose Maroon, instead of other options. Like Pink, Maroon is also known to lift up mood creating a happy environment. Even though, this hue bestows confidence, sharpness & sophistication in the look like the other two, I find combination of Pink and Maroon more fresh, interesting & delightful. As, it’s pairing with Black or Chestnut shade seems too obvious to me.

Mixing strong elements likes Maroon hue & puffed sleeves worked beautifully when teamed with pink. Creating sharp, edgy and sophisticated spin on feminine take. Plus, clubbing different textured fabric & shades of maroon added more depth as well as dimension making my look appear more put together. In which, the main spotlight are the chic velvet bellies that added so much more love and class.

Finally, pretty bracelet, beautiful pair of ear cuffs, matching maroon sling bag & maroon lip shade were my classic go to features.

I was unexpectedly delighted to see, how this traditional ear cuffs which are usually worn on ethnic attire, worked like a magic on western outfits too.

I am so Thrilled!!

So guys, I hope you all liked my Summer look !

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My special thanks to Dr. Chethankumar for clicking my pics and Mr. Rohit Naik from Pixel Art Photography (@rjnaik_photography) for awesome editing work.

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Bellies: LEATHERWOOD, Flipkart



Ear Cuffs: You Bella, Flipkart

Sling bag: 20Dressses, SHOP SIMILAR

Thankyou so much for your precious time!


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