Bloom This Summer In Printed Cotton Sarees

In India, a lady in a saree, enlivened with beautiful ornaments, looks ethereal. Indian women are recognized for their curvaceous and beautiful bends all over the world. This feature distinguishes Indian women from the rest of the women around the globe. This undeniably makes  sarees flattering on Indian women’s body. This outfit draws attention to a lady’s excellent bends while still effectively covering certain areas.

In the sarees’ realm, cotton is perhaps the most commonly preferred fabric. Cotton sarees are one of the commonest fashion statements all year. However, there is a big misconception that a cotton saree isn’t formal enough for evening events and can be only worn on a regular basis. Which is absolutely lame. The cotton fabric has inherited both the appearance of professionalism and the traditional essence. One can style this breezy, classy cotton sarees for any occasion, whether it’s for a business meeting or a cultural event.

Cotton sarees are very popular in India because they are light and airy. Hence is more climate friendly in this scorching summer season. Also this material is very soft and usually does not cause any allergies. Furthermore, the lightweight and comfortability factor of these sarees makes them more comfy considering it normal ventilation system for your body.

Also, cotton sarees, unlike silk, georgette, and chiffon sarees, are very easy to manage and maintain. You also don’t have to spend money on cleaning. Cotton sarees can be washed at home using both machine as well as hand washing . The best part is that this material is quite affordable.

These can also be easily printed, dyed, embroidered, or embellished. That is why there are so many amazing possibilities. Cotton sarees have come a long way with the passage of time. Everything has progressed throughout time, including the pallu styles, outskirts, motifs, weavings , and prints.

Moreover, cotton sarees come in a variety of regional, traditional, and contemporary styles. Every location does have its own characteristics, which are defined by the cotton type and the weaving techniques used. For example, there are several beautiful variations of Bengal cotton sarees in Bengal, such as  Jamdani and Tant sarees. They are often fine and gauzy in appearance, with creative motifs in subtle brown, white, yellow, beige, or cream tones.

The Calcutta cotton sarees, with their pure white cotton fabric and bold red borders, are the most distinctive. These are worn for ceremonies or festivals and must be draped in the distinct and unique Bengali dual shoulder style. Uppada cotton sarees of Telangana are known for their beautiful embroidery, floral designs as well as intricate geometrical patterns, stiff texture and colorful pallus. Odisha include the fancy cotton saree variants from Sambalpuri and Bomkai.

Karnataka’s Patteda anchu cotton sarees is made of a distinct colour pallet that includes pretty hues like pink, red, yellow, and green. Kerala is home for the elegant Kesavu cotton sarees. Delicate & translucent Chanderi cotton sarees, Lucknowi Chikan sarees, gold work Zamdani sarees and colorful Kota sarees are some of the other luxury cotton variants. Silk cotton sarees have much more opulent appearance, with a faint sheen of silk without compromising the comfort and softness of cotton.

Also, one can find cotton sarees with more contemporary styles, like with quirky tribal prints, classic western dots, waves, stripes, and surreal geometric patterns, fruit and birds patterns. But, I often get attracted towards feminine floral and leaf designs. In terms of color, too, one can find a lot more variety nowadays beyond the typical reds, greens and blues. These includes muted peach, yellow and white shades, including grey, black, purple or lilac.

Sarees with basic prints are an excellent choice for women who prefer to wear sarees to work. Just like mine. The grey tones seems to be subtle as well as relaxing.  With just one look, you will go WOW. Pair it with a classic black blouse and you’ll be ready to steal the show at any event! This classy cotton saree can be effortlessly worn all day long!

Isn’t it lovely and enticing?

This sarees can be styled in a manner making them adept for parties as well. As a result, these sarees can indeed be donned for any occasion, from the workplace to any other events. In fact the cotton saree is a great way to experiment, as can be seen with the stunning looks donned by actress Kangana. I love the way she looks in cotton sarees. She is simply inspiring!

This saree is the epitome of style, simplicity, and comfort. One can effortlessly style this saree by leaving the pallu to flow and ace every event like the elegant wandering cloud!

This cotton saree with pretty floral prints will look great with halter neck and sleeveless blouses, or more sophisticated in full sleeves blouse. You can even pair it with a shining blouse in black, gold, or silver for a striking effect. The look can be completed with some oxidized/silver necklaces, earrings and bangles. One can even pair it with elegant pearl jewelry.

Are you someone who enjoys experimenting with your saree? Then give it a modern touch by draping  beautiful pleats of this cotton saree with a half-sleeved blouse. Add a black belt to the ensemble to bring off the perfection of those artful pleats. Try it out and see how you can inspire people with your sense of style.

So, wait no more? Add some cotton wonders to your wardrobe to beat the summer heat with cool stylish looks and let soft saree just glides like a breeze on your skin. Leave your summer blues behind and gear yourself like a blossoming flower in this leaf printed cotton saree.

So guys, I hope you all liked my Summer look !

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My special thanks to Dr. Chethankumar for clicking my pics.

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